Third Meeting of the beFORE project

The third meeting of the beFORE project took place on the 6th and 7th of November in Florence. The fancy venue was 91C: coworking and coworkingcaffè, the space owned and managed by one of the Italian partners, ValueDo S.r.l.

The dynamic location helped the participants reach the main aim of the meeting: brainstorming for finding an innovative format for the e-learning course modules. Following a structured brainstorming methodology suggested by the University of Pisa, the partners worked together both in plenary and group sessions, in order to focus on the general modules (core course: addressing three target groups – students, academics, entrepreneurs) and the additional courses (each one addressing the different targets) without losing the big picture, thanks to the presentation of the activities conducted in the plenum. UniPi, leader for the design activity of the learning courses, collected many inputs and ideas for preparing an action plan for the partnership.

The third day of the meeting was dedicated to a dissemination conference. The event was attended by the FEN network members, in Tuscany for their bi-annual meeting, and by Italian stakeholders. Among them there was also Dr. Emanuele Fabbri, representing Tuscany Region, who gave the keynote speech on “The methods adopted by the Tuscany Region for the development of the smart specialization strategy”.

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