Project beFORE

Improving the professional profile of university students and giving professors and entrepreneurs the competencies that allow them to adapt to new development trends, are the main goals of beFORE project. ValueDo, the society which manages 91C: coworking space, participates to the project which has been financed within the Erasmus+ with about 750.000 euros. The project beFORE “Becoming Future-Oriented Entrepreneurs” aims at transforming the educational systems for entrepreneurship adopted by Universities, those systems of training of staff and employees adopted by enterprises and of the creation of a business, thanks to the introduction of a perspective oriented towards the future. Thanks to this project formative paths will be developed with e-learning modalities, made by a common matrix and in-depth specific analysis focused on the typical needs of the target groups of reference, i.e. students, professors and entrepreneurs, who will acquire the methodologies and the skills necessary to use and comprehend the future scenarios that open to the development of new technologies and are connected to the market trends. Among the project partners there is the University of Pisa, through the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e Civile. Furthermore, from the Italian side, Erre Quadro, spin-off of the University of Pisa, is present in the partnership, with the contribution of its long-standing experience in the analysis of patents and in the technological foresight. The project, financed within the Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances, engages Universities, Research Institutes and enterprises of four countries: Italy, Germany, Spain and Poland. Leader is IteE-PIB “Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute” of Radom, Poland, whereas the other partners are Universities and enterprises that deal with entrepreneurship or foresight, in the specific the University of Mondragon, the Freie Universitaet of Berlin, the University of Białystok and the enterprises Aveniture, Prospektiker and 4CF.


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