Tuscany Region coworker voucher: a year of free station

This year ValueDo too, the society which manages 91C: coworking space, is in the list of the accredited subjects able to receive coworkers, who obtained a Regional voucher to use the working station.

The Tuscany Region promotes the coworking as innovative modality of organisation of work and supports the creation of entrepreneurial paths through the distribution of a voucher to rent a working station for free up to one year.

Beneficiaries of the call

The freelance professionals, who have these requirements, can ask for the voucher:

  • Age between 18 and 40 (without age limits for people with disability),
  • Residents and/or domiciled in Tuscany
  • VAT holder since no more than 36 months
  • Belonging to one of the following typologies:
    • Subjects registered to the register of professional associations;
    • Subjects registered to associations of which at law n. 4/2013 or at the Regional law n.73/2008 ;
    • Subjects registered to INPS’s Gestione Separata.

The voucher

The voucher covers the rental cost of the coworking space/station from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 12.

How to apply

Set up an appointment with us (valuedo@outlook.it or call us at 3345206435) and we will follow you in the application procedure!

More info about the call


Via Filippo Corridoni 91,
50134 Firenze
Email: info@91c.it
Tel.: (+39) 055 417885

via Filippo Corridoni 91,
50134 Firenze

www. valuedo.eu
Email: info@valuedo.eu
VAT 06592620485,
REA n. FI – 640770
Share capital of Euros 10.000